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‘HIPS are not delaying sales’

“Our members are processing HIPs in record time, often getting EPCs commissioned and returned the next day, as well as assisting consumers with the completion of the new Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ) to ensure the smoothest and fastest possible turnaround times.”

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0 thoughts on “‘HIPS are not delaying sales’

  1. Derek Jones says:

    The whole HIPS fiasco was created by a meddling bunch of incompetents led by John Prescott. There was no market research or consultation with industry experts. It was HIPS that started the housing crash, long before the credit crunch or recession. In fact, it could be argued that HIPS CAUSED the recession in an economy which has long relied on the “feelgood factor” created by modest house price inflation.

    HIPS just make money for providers (and the government through income tax and VAT), and now estate agents are on the band wagon. They don’t need to sell houses any more: they just sell HIPs. Then it doesn’t matter if the house sells or not.

    If a HIP costs £400, then the government makes up to £220 in tax. No wonder they launched the scheme. What a rip-off!!

    Again, I say scrap HIPs.