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HIP Code compliant packs must be top priority for agents

The ability to offer an efficient and high standard of product with fast turnaround times is now paramount.

The quality and the time taken to produce a HIP will not only impact on the pack provider’s reputation but on that of the agent too. Therefore it is essential that agents only work with a pack provider that subscribes to the Code.

Mike Ockenden, Director General, AHIPP said: "Legislative changes have placed an increased importance on the quality of the HIP and agents must now take a very careful look at the HIPs that they are procuring. Not only will they be responsible and liable for fines if the pack is not compliant but, essentially, their reputation is now directly on the line.

"To ensure quality and avoid potential problems going forward, it is essential that agents choose a pack provider that subscribes to the HIP Code. The Code sets out minimum standards and ensures stringent regulation and redress for all those who obtain their HIPs through a registered provider. To act in the best interests of themselves and their clients, agents should look for the HIP Code logo."

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0 thoughts on “HIP Code compliant packs must be top priority for agents

  1. Danny Sampson says:

    What nonsense. I just tried completing a PIQ with a so called HIP Code Compliant company and they did not have a clue how to help me complete the form. They recommended I go through it with a lawyer…which I did. The lawyer charged me £75 plus VAT. It would have been a lot easier and cheaper to go to a lawyer in the first place to order the HIP.

  2. James Shackleton says:

    Sorry to be the one to tell you this Danny, but there is an online
    Property Information Questionnaire that gives you complete legal protection. You can use it irrespective of where you got your HIP from and even more galling for you, it is completely free to use.

  3. Simon Evans says:

    The PIQ was designed by amateurs and implemented by idiots – like the rest of the HIP. Mike Ockendon does not understand that no-one cares too much about the HIP code because the public vision of HIPs is that they are a useless tax on property sales. The Tories have promised to abolish them, and there will be sighs of relief all round when they do. AHIPP’s position is perilous – its members need to start planning for a graceful exit, not bellyaching about the quality of their product. We all know that buyers’ solicitors sensibly ignore the contents of the HIP. Adding the PIQ is a last minute cosmetic change which introduces problems for the seller, but helps the buyer scarcely at all.

  4. Andrew Vos says:

    ..HIPs were meant to speed up transactions, werent they?…so why is it that a sale we have going through has stalled because of a lack of searches…searches which have been delayed by the fact the local authorities and utility companies can not cope with the increased demands brought about by this unwanted and ridiculous piece of legislation…Hip Hip NOT Hurray!