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HIPocrisy of new politics and fairer Britain

The Liberal Democrat members of the new coalition Government in particular should remember what happened in Redcar as a direct result of Corus job losses. The impact of scrapping the HIP industry means far more job losses throughout England and Wales as a whole.

What really angers everyone affected by this announcement is that they all trained in the first place as a direct result of a prolonged recruitment campaign by the previous Government. Allegedly over 20,000 British taxpayers trained at their own expense, as home inspectors, Energy assessors or HIP providers. With all of them now facing bleak and uncertain futures how can the new Government possibly call their actions fair.

If Eric Pickles and Grant Shapps had truly wanted to stimulate the housing market then surely they should have focused their immediate attentions on the lenders? The British public have been very vocal with their disproval of the handling of the banking crisis, but the reality today is that the gap between the Bank of England base rate and the lenders standard variable mortgage rate is greater than ever before. To add insult to injury, typical mortgage arrangement fees now range anywhere from £999 to several thousand pounds. To put this into context a typical HIP including an Energy Performance Certificate, cost no more than £250.

Life after HIPs

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) were introduced to the UK as part of an EU directive. The spirit of that directive was that every property in the country should have one. IDEA had therefore argued with the previous Government that incorporating them into HIPs was not the best way to achieve that objective. Sadly, the EPC had been tarnished with all the negative press that the HIP had received. Whilst it is by no means prefect, the EPC software provides a useful platform to build upon to increase public awareness and greater understanding of both energy efficiencies and carbon reductions measures that can be achieved within properties.

IDEA welcomes the opportunity to work with the new Government in promoting the EPC in a positive manner as a valuable tool in assisting the public in reducing their fuel bills by making their homes more energy efficient and in doing so reducing their carbon footprint too. Whilst we are keen to work with the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), the Department of Communities & Local Government (CLG) and the Energy Savings Trust (EST) to achieve this aim; we would call for an immediate halt to the ESTs Home Energy Report initiative as we feel it is not making the best use of available resources.

If such an initiative is to be carried out on every property nationwide IDEA feels strongly that it must include an EPC the present scheme does not. IDEA is keen to work with Government and share our thoughts and analysis of how this could be done in a more cost efficient manner, using some of the existing carbon reduction scheme initiatives and most importantly of all; utilising the skilled energy assessor workforce who are readily available to execute this task.

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0 thoughts on “HIPocrisy of new politics and fairer Britain

  1. Good to see honest, unbiased reporting evenly balancing both sides of the argument

  2. Major Landlord says:

    This beggars belief! A quango set up by the Labour goverment (IDEA) and funded by all of us, is now defending another, worthless Labour Quango (HIPs).

    We all know that HIPs were just a way of massaging employment figures, and collecting additional taxes. Solicitors and lenders don’t trust them, they don’t tell buyers what they need to know, and they don’t do anything to stop the main causes of sales falling through (sudden change of mind or circumstance, or inability to obtain a mortgage).

    Most HIPS providers do other jobs – it’s not their sole employment. For those who have lost their work because of this policy change, I am sorry. Estimates put this figure at around 3000, not the 20,000 IDEA claims. But does even this job loss justify the artificial preservation of a costly quango that does nobody any good? Of course not. And there are many others like it that will also have to go. WE JUST CANNOT GO ON WASTING MONEY LIKE THIS. WE NEED TO CUT COSTS. HAS IDEA GOT ANY BETTER SUGGESTION HOW TO DO THAT?

    This country is overburdened with taxes and cost of compliance. That’s why we are not competitive on the world stage. While we invent sllly, pointless jobs, that push up our taxes and earnings requirements, and our manufactuiring costs, the workers in other countries are making REAL l things and selling them to US.

    I thought 13 years of Labour lies, broken promises and wastage were bad enough. Must we now endure years of carping from those parasitic organisms who backed Labour’s corrupt regime and are now also dispossessed? Lie down with dogs, get fleas.

    Get a proper job, and do your bit to help this country out of the post-Labour mess it’s in.

  3. Terry Holmes says:

    Spot on Major Landlord. If the Labour Government had listened to the industry in the first place there wouldn’t have been a problem. Everything they were warned about has come to pass.

    At the time, estate agents were accused of being deliberately obstructive when it came to HIPs. Does anyone seriously think that we would have opposed it if it meant getting sales, and our fees, through quicker?

    The simple fact was it was the Labour Govt who perpetrated the publicity stunt, nobody else. They made agents responsible in law but put no conditions or time frames on those organisations, government agencies in some shape or form, that had to provide the components of a HIP.

    Result: homeowners were unable to sell their property when they wanted to and it created a postcode lottery with some councils taking days to provide a search and some months.

    Talking about people’s jobs, how fair is that when you are offered a job in another part of the country and have to start immediately you can’t even get your property on the market straight away?

    IDEA (or should it be No IDEA) has obviously been caught out by a new Government going in and doing what they said they would do, they wouldn’t have experienced that with Labour!!