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Majority vote at Housing debate says “Keep HIPs”

David Newnes, managing director of leading estate agency chain, Your Move, said HIPs had helped stem transaction fall-throughs this year and last, with the rate of exchanges significantly improving from around 33% each month to around 42%.

Mike Ockenden, Director General of AHIPP, called for the forthcoming government to be constructive in improving the present HIP and welcomed the Conservatives pledge to have a 100-day consultation on the subject.

In the subsequent vote at The Land Data Great Housing Debate held in Westminster, only four members of the audience voted to scrap HIPs while the majority supported the motion to adapt but not scrap them.

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0 thoughts on “Majority vote at Housing debate says “Keep HIPs”

  1. Major Landlord says:

    Are we REALLY expected to swallow this self-serving nonsense? WHO ARE these “industry leaders”? I’ll bet they were a bunch of estate agents like Your Move, who found out long ago that there was real money to be made from selling HIPs. After all, even in a housing crash, when nothing is selling, you still have to have a HIP before you can advertise a property for sale. Plenty of larger agents replaced lost sales commissions with HIPs revenue.

    In common with many others on this site, I am sick of the self-serving, constant justification of HIPs by those who make money from producing them. Their surveys, research and opinion polls are all tainted by asking the right questions of the right people. If you conducted this poll among a cross-section of several thousand buyers, sellers, solicitors, independent estate agents and others like myself who are involved in the property business, the overwhelming majority would demand that HIPs be scrapped.

    After last night’s performance, I think we can safely say that Labour will NOT be running this country on May 7th. So we can kiss goodbye to HIPs, AHIPP, and a lot of other needless, pointless bureaucracy and closet taxation introduced by Brown and co. Then we can all get back to the job of working hard and digging this country out of the hole that Labour has dug for it.

  2. Major Landlord says:

    Funny what you find when you dig a little. It seems the organisers of the Land Data Great Housing Debate (the event at which 96 out of 100 supported HIPs) are the Wriglesworth Consultancy, a PR company specialising in housing-related clients. And guess who handles PR for AHIPP? Correct: The Wriglesworth Consultancy!!!

    This would seem to indicate that AHIPP might well have enjoyed at least some influence over the event’s content and possibly audience. How very convenient that one of the event’s survey findings favoured one of its organisers’ clients!!

    Check out


    to see how hard AHIPP works (and how much money it spends) to manipulate the press and so infuence public opinion. Gordon Brown would be proud of them!!

    Oh – and by the way, David Newnes (who isquoted in the press release above) was on the speaker panel at the event. A position from which he was no doubt able to sway opinion before the “poll”.

    Now let’s see what you have to say, Mr. Ockenden!! Or are you too embarrassed to respond?