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HIPs make moving home faster, cheaper and less stressful

AHIPP believes the greatly improved rate of reliance on HIP searches is one of the main reasons for the reduction in sale fall-throughs, which are down from 28% in 2006 to only 9% today according to research conducted by myhomemove in February 2010.

Consumers also continue to benefit from a 31% drop in the cost of local searches since the introduction of HIPs. OneSearch Direct found that the cost has reduced from an average of over £134 before HIPs were implemented to less than £92 today.

Michael Tolland, Commercial Director of OneSearch Direct, said: “The figures don’t lie. While some would suggest otherwise, HIPs have incontrovertibly benefitted consumers in many ways, speeding transactions up, reducing the number that fail and, crucially, saving them money.”

Mike Ockenden, Director General of AHIPP, added: “There are those that continue to propound myths about the effects of HIPs saying they have increased the cost of buying and selling. These figures demonstrate the beneficial effect that HIPs are having on reducing cost and improving certainty in the stressful process of buying and selling homes.”

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0 thoughts on “HIPs make moving home faster, cheaper and less stressful

  1. Richard L says:

    Use of searches & other documents in HIPs was always going to be helpful to smoothing the process between offer acceptance & exchange of contracts. Now that conveyancers seem to be accepting them it is a major step towards the goal of a better experience for all concerned in the homebuying process. But there is plenty of scope for further improvements, such as a seller-commissioned condition report. Any organisation that suggests scrapping the HIP concept, rather than building on it, has to be treated with extreme caution as to the validity of their arguments or policies. A bright child could see the benefits of getting up-front information in place; it seems some people do not have that capability.

  2. Major Landlord says:

    Once again, we read self-serving nonsense from two people who earn money from selling HIPs. They are hardly likely to say they are a waste of time and money, are they?

    Estate agents have also jumped on the band wagon, since they realised they can plug their falling sales revenues by selling HIPs and making a margin.

    The people who REALLY know about this are sellers, and solicitors. I don’t see any of them springing to the defence of HIPs, do you?

    Labour’s going soon, along with all of the legislative crap they have foisted upon us all. Start looking for some REAL jobs, guys.