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HIPs consigned to ‘history’ by Conservative govt

Controversial Home Information Packs (HIPs) will be consigned to "history" by the Conservatives if they win next year’s General Election.

HIPs were symbolic of the "pointless red tape" Labour had introduced in housing, Shadow housing spokesman Grant Shapps told the party’s conference in Manchester.

Shapps said the Tories were the "progressive" party on housing issues and that Gordon Brown would be "the first to benefit" from their abolition "when his moving van pulls up outside Number 10".

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6 thoughts on “HIPs consigned to ‘history’ by Conservative govt

  1. Major Landlord says:

    Here we are with yet another reason to vote Conservative next May (if Brown lasts that long, of course). Anybody who removes any of the pointless, costly, time-wasting, nanny-state interference that we have suffered with this incompetent government certainly has my vote.

    I suggest all HIPs providers start considering their future career choices. Good riddance.

    I will even help Gordon Brown to move his belongings. Anything to hasten his departure . . .

  2. Tepilo says:

    We’ve been waiting for confirmation of this for some time, but we fully support the scrapping of HIPs – they are costly, often unfairly charged for and don’t really do what they were brought in to achieve.

    The Conservatives have our vote on this one!


  3. About to be qualified Home Inspector says:

    This is total rubbish. If a home survey was included in the HIP then it would be perfect. In the past when you bought a house, you had to pay £150 min. for all the searches to be done and then a great deal more for a survey. So really it is just reversed, the seller now has to pay for the searches to be done instead of the buyer, which means first time buyers gain from it as they don’t have to pay for them.

    Secondly the energy assessment is the law and it is very useful for informing people how to save energy in their house which is good for the environment. The questionnaire in the past was usually completed via the conveyancer, so what exactly is different from what was done in the past?

    The only difference is that the HIP has to be provided by the seller rather than the buyer, so if you are buying on when you sell your house you don’t have to pay it again, so it is no more expensive to have a HIP that the process cost before. (Unless you get it through an Estate Agent or Solicitor ofcourse, who charge ridiculous prices!).

    I certainly WON’T be voting for the Conservatives if they are going to abolish HIPs. They will make a great number of people unemployed if they do it and HIPs do speed up the selling process…….FACT!

  4. Major Landlord says:

    – was the housing market better or worse, before HIPs were invented?
    – how ever did we all buy and sell properties before HIPs were invented?
    – which political party invented HIPs?
    – what other “favours” did the same party in goverment do for the housing market? (I’ll help you here: EPCs, tenancy deposit protection, LHA paid direct to tenants)
    – what do hard-working, innovative, self-sufficient, entrepreneurial people think of ALL government job creation schemes?

    People who are not afraid to take care of themselves, work hard, expect no state handouts, and create businesses that flourish by providing value for money and genuine employment vote Conservative.

    People who expect handouts, and who get their “work” from nanny-state-driven quangoes that create false employment from enforcing compliance with meaningless, pointless and costly legislation vote Labour.

    You, sir, are one of the blood-suckers who is bleeding this country dry. People like you make me SICK. You are part of a sytem that survives off the backs of the people who are still working hard to keep this country afloat. Stop bleating, and get a proper job, or face the consequences when your corrupt, hypocritical, wasteful, inept, parasitic government is driven into the sea at the next election.

  5. Qualfied Home Inspector says:

    To begin with, I am an extremely hardworking mum with three young children who has work FULL TIME all my life and has never expected state handouts!!! Everything I have I have worked for and never had anything handed to me on a plate and I’m very proud of that.

    Obviously You have plenty of money and plenty of property so have nothing to worry about but I was made redundant after 26 years at the end of 1997 and decided to do a training course for a new profession which the Government created. I paid out a great deal of money to do the course, which was part of my redundancey, so that I could start up my own business.

    So over the past 18months, I have been working full time, doing a training course and bringing up three children with my husband, so in what way am I bleeding the country dry??? In what way am I a blood-sucker??? and who are you saying “survives off the backs of the people who are still working hard to keep the country afloat???”

    I think you should first get your facts right before you start ranting at people and the only reason you don’t want HIPs is because it’s more cost to you Mr Major Landlord!

    I have to say, I will not be voting Labour either because both parties are as bad a one another, full of hot air and promises which are never kept.

    So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

  6. Major Landlord says:

    I think you should read my “rant” again. I did not suggest you are not hardworking!! And, with respect, you are not the only hard-working person in this country. For the record, I started with NOTHING. What I have today is what I earned entirely by my own hard work and risk-taking over the course of 40 years. I am proud of what I have achieved, all the poeple I have employed and helped along the way, and the contribution I have made to this country’s coffers. This country used to encourage people like me, because it was seen that our activities benefitted the whole economy. Today, this Labour goverment would like to re-open class wars with inflammatory statements about people’s wealth and education. This is nonsense, and will do NOBODY any good.

    This government is also destroying this country with its red tape, bureaucracy and corruption. Our debt is beyond belief, and our balance of payments is down the toilet. All we can do to survive is to continue selling assets to overseas companies who then bleed us dry (electricity, gas, water, railways etc). So what we don’t need is any system that creates artificial jobs with needless bureacracy. What we need is people to make things and provide services that can preferably be sold overseas. (One of my companies exports over 60% of its output, so this is not empty talk on my part).

    HIPs have cost me very little, but my concern is the obvious damage they have done to the housing market. The market was certainly overheating, and I was probably in a minority that realised this would end in disaster. But we did not need such a pronounced crash, and HIPs started the slide – ask anyone in the business. And they continue to suppress activity. That has piled more woe on many innocent people who have much less than I have. (You might be surprised to learn that I do care about all the hardworking people in this country).

    I am sorry that you chose to take up a career in HIPs, because I think there’s a strong chance you may not have a job in due course. I am also sorry that I attacked you personally – it must have been a bad day, and I apologise unreservedly for this ungentlemanly behaviour. But I am afraid I stand by what I said about this goverment and its phoney economy based on job creation. You are – perhaps unwittingly – part of a system that is more to do with massaging employment figures and raising closet taxes than about genuine improvements to the business of buying and selling property.

    I totally share your scepticism about politicians. But I’ll vote Conservative because they will foster entrepreneurialism, industry and exports – which are the future for UK plc. Labour will simply drive away the very people who could make this country successful again.

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