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‘EPCs still have value for prospective tenants’

Although a legal requirement since October 2008, Hips.co.uk said the NLA rightly stated that many tenants were unaware of the law.

But the NLA also stated that even if a property received a low grade, it did not seem to affect whether a tenant would want to live in a property.

However, Hips.co.uk has hit back and said that the EPC certainly did have value.

It said that the latest YouGov survey on Home Information Packs showed 30% of owners acted on the recommendations from the EPC.

Tenants and landlords could also benefit financially from the environmental advice found in the report. For example, simply insulating the loft could save more than £500 in energy bills on an average 4-bed house.

Tenants and buyers that are aware of the Certificate are using the detail in the EPC to mutual benefit.

And Hips.co.uk said it was the responsibility of the property industry to promote and market the EPC so it became  commonplace in the minds of the general public.

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  1. corvus says:

    What percentage of sane and reasonably intelligent people would believe anything that this government says?