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New property information provider body launched

While the member organisations will retain their independence and individual management structures, the Federation’s objective will be to strengthen the constituent bodies’ ability to drive forward positive reform and to act as a compelling, effective voice for the sector with Government.

The Federation will also provide specialist services to its member organisations, including legal advice, PR and lobbying.

Mike Ockenden, Director General of AHIPP and the first Executive Director of the new Federation, said: "The creation of this new, influential representative body recognises the increasing importance of property information provision to consumers.

"Working together, we can ensure that home buyers and sellers have access to the highest quality property information, backed up by the guarantee of the Search and HIP Codes. At the same time, the Federation will strengthen the individual organisations in their ability to drive forward reform."

Kate Nicholls, the newly-appointed Chief Executive of CoPSO, said: "The establishment of the Federation marks a coming of age for the newer segments of the property sector, and recognises the growing professionalism of HIP and search providers.

"Bringing these fields together promises to add real value to our efforts to improve the home buying process and is intended to assure consumers that we have their interests at the fore during what is often a stressful period in their lives."

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