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Countryside & Hip2go team up on ready to exchange HIPs

Designed to facilitate the electronic compiling and production of legal documents used in the sale of new properties, the "LIP" (Legal Information Pack) is helping Countryside Properties automate the legal process involved when selling a new home thereby making it easier and quicker for a buyer to move in.

Angela Dowding, Group Chief Solicitor, at Countryside Properties said: "Each time we release a new development, there is a need for my team to collate and produce a vast number of documents which will be used in the establishment of the conveyancing process.

"These documents include, draft contracts, draft deeds of transfer, property searches and other vital information.

"The new compiling system helps my team in sorting, arranging and conveying these documents as well as enabling buyers and buyer’s solicitors to access the information electronically through a secure viewing platform.

"It eliminates the need to dispatch by post large bundles of paper, and more importantly helps to speed up the time it takes to progress the sale and purchase from the moment the offer is accepted."

The practice of collating and making legal documents available up front at the point of marketing is becoming more popular according to David Pett, Managing Director of Hip2go.

He said: "An increasing number of solicitors, estate agents and HIP providers are now making ‘ready to exchange’ solutions available to their clients.

"This advanced HIP includes the additional information that is required by the buyer’s conveyancer during the buying process. Its benefits to the buying process are significant in terms of speeding up the time it takes to exchange contracts which in turn helps both the buyer and seller in reducing cost and stress."

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