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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers

Thanks to you, Propertytalk Live! has enjoyed another hugely successful year and seen exceptional growth in the number of people visiting the site.

And that’s not all – the number following us on Twitter alone has soared past 21,000 which we think is phenomenal. Continue reading

Keys conundrum leaves home owners vulnerable

More than half of UK homebuyers (58%) did not change the locks when they purchased their property – meaning that they could not say for certain who has access to their home, according to research from Ocean Finance.

Ocean Finance’s research reveals that just one in three (30%) of us changed the locks on all exterior doors when we bought our property. A further 12% changed the locks on some of the exterior doors. Continue reading

‘Public at gas risk’ warning

As Gas Safety Week takes place, research by the AA’s Home Emergency Response service reveals that fewer than half of households (42%) have a carbon monoxide alarm in their home that they check each year.

Every year in the UK around 50 people die from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, and 200 people are left seriously ill. The gas is known as “the silent killer” because it has no odour or taste and can kill quickly. Continue reading

The price of outdoor space in London = 20%

Whilst approximately 150,000 visitors were expected at the world’s largest annual flower show at Hampton Court last week, research by Marsh & Parsons shows that Londoners value a garden and will pay at least a 20% premium for outdoor space.

The latest Marsh & Parsons research reveals that two comparable properties in the same area could vary significantly in price due to the impact of a garden, outside terrace, or proximity to a park. Continue reading

Britons trade horticulture for hot tubs

And with 15 million homeowners (85%) having some form of outdoor space around their property, £14billion was spent on gardens in the last year alone.

With the average UK garden now worth £1928, one in 10 Britons admits to spending money on their gardens as they can’t afford to move home, while a third of homeowners say spending a lot of time outside is the main reason for splashing out.

Garden Values is the first part of the bi-annual Britain at Home report from Lloyds TSB Insurance, designed to build a comprehensive picture of British home life and spending priorities by shining a Continue reading

Bring British Summer Time in with a beep and save a life

This simple but life-saving task is often forgotten, and by linking it to the task of changing the time on clocks, cookers, heating systems and watches, we want to encourage more people to test their smoke alarm and give themselves the time they need to get out, stay out and call 999.
•you’re more than 4 times more likely to die in a domestic fire if you don’t have a working smoke alarm
•15 children died in accidental fires last year, among a total 7,256 injuries and 187 deaths from dwelling fires across the country
•over half the people who Continue reading

Stunell: Tighter checks to keep cowboy builders out

The measures will also ensure that householders have a financial safety net in place such as a guarantee or insurance, to catch them if self-check installers fail to finish work properly or if they can’t be chased through the courts.

Around 85,000 complaints are made about building work in homes each year according to the Office of Fair Trading.

Current self-check schemes have conditions in place to keep the cowboys out. Today’s proposals will further protect people from shoddy work and raise the bar for self-check tradesmen.

Organisations running self-check schemes will now:

need to be accredited to an international quality standard in order to Continue reading

Join the great British gardening obsession!

According to the findings of a study by Santander insurance, Britons spent a staggering £5.2 billon on garden improvements during the summer of 2010 – 2011.
This equates to £1,280 per average British garden lover, with the survey estimating the improvements have added an average of £3,300 to the value of their home as a result.
Whether you have a cosy courtyard or a generous-sized garden – making the most of any outdoor space could also increase your chances of selling.
A few simple and inexpensive tricks will help create a fabulous outdoor room, according to independent estate Continue reading