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Women call in experts to stop partner’s DIY disasters

All quite complicated – so a fairly understandable response.

But, perhaps more worryingly, women also doubted their partner’s ability to replace a plug socket (34%) and wallpaper (35%).

Nearly half of the women questioned dread their partner doing any DIY and yet 59% of improvements in the home are attempted by men. It seems the man of the house is also unlikely to warn you of impending disaster – 24% of partners would never admit to their lack of DIY skills and press on regardless.

MyHammer COO and General Manager International Gerrit Mueller said: "The drop in the housing market means that homeowners will be turning again to home improvements rather than moving house.

"However increased legislation means that you often need to use a qualified tradesperson. Equally if you are not terribly skilled it can be more cost effective to pay for work to be done to be sure of a professional job and save money in the long run rather than righting DIY disasters. Tradesmen at MyHammer are reviewed by other customers to give you extra confidence when picking the winning bid."

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