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Open house urges residents to think lock

The event, at 12pm on Tuesday August 17, will be used to mark the start of the new Think Lock campaign to encourage residents to lock up all doors and windows every time they leave their homes, no matter how long they’ll be gone.

Around 25,000 households across the city will be receiving crime prevention advice including face-to-face visits from members of their local neighbourhood policing team, as well as door hangers containing crime prevention advice and window stickers which will act as a visible deterrent to burglars.

There will also be street banners and bus stop posters reminding people to take these simple measures to cut the risk of burglary:

•Lock your windows and doors

•If you’re going out or going away, leave lights on a timer

•Don’t leave valuables on show

•If you can, fit a burglar alarm and use it

•Don’t let cold callers into your home

•Mark and photograph your valuables
Manchester City Council Deputy Leader, Councillor Jim Battle said: "We are working closely with the police to drive down burglary. These simple measures can help keep our homes safe and secure and reduce the chances of becoming a victim."

Greater Manchester Police Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney said: "We made a commitment a year ago through Operation Storm to ensure that thieves in our county were brought to account for their crimes. I can assure law-abiding and law-breaking Mancunians that it does not end here.  We will continue to work with our partners to reduce burglary, robbery and vehicle crime and bring offenders to justice over the coming months."

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