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Re-decorating: The most dreaded DIY task

We all dread coming home from the DIY store, and unpacking and erecting flat-packed furniture, and 11 percent of those surveyed resonated with this sentiment.

Only seven percent of respondents advised that putting up shelves was a job they dreaded.

Commenting on the findings, William Davies, managing director of Aspect Maintenance, said: “We all hate it when the time comes to give your property a quick refresh, so it’s no surprise that re-decoration is proving to be the most dreaded of DIY tasks.

“However, I was amazed to see that putting up shelving, and erecting furniture received relatively low responses – these are often connected with DIY disasters. Perhaps furniture stores have finally realised, and are creating clearer instructions for us to follow!”

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  1. Major Landlord says:

    In a recent survey of opinion polls, 66% of those polled (2 people) said they didn’t trust opinion polls any more. The main reasons for distrusting them were 1) too small a survey sample; 2) not publishing any details of sample size or response rate; 3) a feeling that the commissioning body was just doing it for cheap publicity; 4) a belief that the real motive for the research was politically-inspired or otherwise self-serving.

    Ivan Ulterior-Motive, Chairman of The Institute for Polling Polling, said: “Anyone with anything to say these days backs it up with flimsy “research” that proves nothing. The trouble is, people are now so distrustful of research that they don’t even believe the few real polls. I think we’ve overdone it.”