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Window scrappage scheme petition gains momentum

The petition has been set up through the ePetition Scheme on the Official website of the Prime Minister’s Office at www.number10.gov.uk and is available at: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/windowscrappage

The benefits of this scheme for window manufacturers, suppliers and installers would be increased sales and a reversal in the downward trend in the number of installed windows and doors. Consumers would save £1000 and enjoy a facelift to their homes, along with lower fuel bills and more energy efficient homes. And the Government would benefit from reduced emissions from the existing housing stock, helping it to meet the necessary greenhouse gas emissions targets. The Government would also reclaim some of the grant money in VAT.

GGF chief executive, Nigel Rees, is encouraged by a similar scheme that has been launched in the heating industry, where homeowners receive a £400 grant to install an energy-efficient boiler. Replacing a home’s single glazing with energy-efficient windows could save £150 and 0.3 tonnes of carbon.

"There are thousands of homes in the UK with single glazed windows, which could benefit from a scrappage scheme," he said.

"This would have numerous other benefits. Not only would the household save money in the long term, but the scheme would help the UK to meet its carbon emissions targets."

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