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No room at the Inn for tacky decorations warn experts

More than nine in ten (92%) Brits will decorate their house this Christmas and over a third (35%) intend to keep them up for over a month according to new figures from PropertyLive.co.uk.

Michael Poole at Michael Poole Consultants and a PropertyLive.co.uk spokesperson commented: “First impressions are everything and an unappealing exterior can definitely put off house hunters. As much as they may make a home look homely, they can also look tacky which can put customers off.

“I’ve already had to advise a few clients to hold off ‘going all out’ when decorating their homes this year. Thankfully, for those ‘less conservative’ clients, I direct any interested parties online where they can view high-res images of the properties first- minus the tinsel!

Peter Bolton King, CEO at the National Association of Estate Agents and PropertyLive.co.uk, added: “With many challenges facing the property market at the moment, people looking to sell or rent their property should be extra cautious when decorating their homes.

“Seasonal decorations are fine and you can still have lots of fun with them just keep them tasteful and don’t overdo it. “