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A bumper year for holiday homes!

She says:

"We are really delighted with the statistics for the first quarter of 2012 which have exceeded our expectations.

"The South East remains buoyant as a holiday destination with visitors recognising the combination of beautiful countryside, fabulous beaches, lots of things to do and see and above all the easy access for those living in Greater London and northern Europe saving visitors time and money.

"This coupled with the Olympics and the Queens jubilee is all adding up to a bumper year.’ ‘Staycations’ and short breaks are much in demand and the most recent research suggests that this trend is set to continue."

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  1. Thanks for this article.

    I’ve been singing the praises of holiday lets investment since 2008, when the economy started to decline.

    It was obvious that more people wanted to holiday at home.

    But what is not so obvious is that people are falling in love with the British coast all over again. In times of hardship and recession, people often look to nostalgia to comfort them. They remember seaside holidays from their own childhood and want to revisit happy times, and introduce their own children and grandchildren to sandcastles, donkey rides, and Punch & Judy!

    Couple that with hikes in aviation fuel and taxes, terrorism, social unrest, etc. and the U.K. looks increasingly attractive.

    I see this trend continuing for a long while.

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