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Olympic countdown for holiday bookings

Bookings for the Olympics started last year as soon as the tickets became available, a very early sign that we were going to be busy!”

“Traditionally, the really early bookings for cottages tend to be those prime seaside ones that the same family book year on year but last summer it was the properties around Ashford in Kent that performed the best.  Why?  Well they are only 30 minutes by train from the Olympic Village, considerably closer (and cheaper) than many parts of central London.  This early indicator has continued with a steady stream of bookings focusing on good public transport links” 

“Reflecting the News reports this morning then, it seems fair to accept that the Summer Games holds inherent advantages to those close to, or with easy access to London, whilst these advantages may not be as assured further away from the capital. Happily, Mulberry Cottages are in a position to offer our visitors quality accommodation at a fair price, all within easy reach of all the action!”

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