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Fair play during the Summer Games 2012

Mulberry Cottages- the luxury holiday cottage provider based in Kent and Sussex, have promised to oppose this by signing up to the Fair Pricing and Practise Charter, which ensures that products are priced in a reasonable and fair way during 2012.

The current economic downturn in Great Britain coupled with this summer’s guaranteed boost to the tourist trade makes the prospect of artificially inflating prices for accommodation beguiling for some. Sarah Wood, Director of Mulberry Cottages, take a more positive view of the situation arguing that accommodation providers who offer a fair deal to those visiting Britain this year, coupled with a high standard of service will encourage repeat visits and recommendations, long after the games are over. This will also bolster the growing perception of Britain as an interesting and accessible holiday destination.

Ultimately, offering visitors to the South of England a quality service at a reasonable price will aid Visit Britain and their new 20.12% campaign still further, highlighted most prominently in the recent television advertisements featuring Stephen Fry and Rupert Grint. “It seems puzzling and counterproductive long term to inflate prices in this way when there is so much to celebrate in 2012” Sarah argues.

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One thought on “Fair play during the Summer Games 2012

  1. Rick Bond says:

    Hats off to Mulberry Cottages for their wise approach to ensuring that the Olympic Games and perhaps the Diamond Jubilee will deliver long term tourism benefits to Britain. Tourism history is lettered with examples of how attempts to secure short term gain by hiking prices to unrealistic levels have backfire to deliver longer term pain. Sydney didn’t when they hosted the games and the following year inbound visitor income rose by £2.4billion. Athens did and look what’s happened there.

    Cornwall came a cropper when too many people tried to make money out of the eclipse and suffered a while longer. The event this summer are a great opportunity to showcase all that is best about Britain to ensure repeat visits and a growing reputation for being a welcome, charming and beautiful place to visit – making a fast buck this year will not benefit anyone in the long run.

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