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Property: it’s not all doom and gloom

“We were contacted by a client who were thinking of moving out of their property, renting it on a long term basis and then renting a smaller property with minimal running costs nearby.  In effect living in the same area, but maximising their investment by renting out their own larger property”

With holiday cottages in attractive locations being increasingly sought after in the UK and attracting good weekly rents, Sarah arranged for her client’s property to be let on a weekly holiday basis thereby commanding a higher rent and enabling the owners to move out of their own home for a much shorter period of time.

With help from Mulberry Cottages sister company FoxWood Maclean a suitable smaller property was found nearby and now Ms Wood’s clients can look forward to a useful income stream.

“This is just the sort of innovative thinking we need today,” said a property owner at Mulberry Cottages who is now benefiting from moving his family short term into a smaller property “it has been a real, practical solution for us”.

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