US demand slumps 57% for holiday home Britons

The average house price searched by Britons in the US dropped from 895,170 euros in January-February 2008 to 503,473 euros in the same period this year.

Meanwhile, Spain has become the winner with recession-hit Britons with a 26% leap in overseas property searches jumping from 18.6% of all overseas property searches in January-February 2008 to 23.4% for the same months this year.

However, the average house price of properties searched in January-February 08 in Spain dropped from 489,987 euros to 334,020 euros in 2009.

Another surprise winner was Turkey, whereby searches increased by 154% in January-Feb 2009 at 7.18% compared with the same two months last year at 2.83% of searches.

The average house price searched in Turkey jumped from 74,718.95 euros in January-February 2008 to 90,154.76 euros in 2009.

Losers include France which dropped from 18.95% to 13.24% of property searches over the same period, while Greece dropped from 5.37% to 2.83%.

The overall average house price searched across all countries dropped 9.4% from 227,680 euros in January-February 2008 to 206,218 euros so far this year. is the UK’s largest database of overseas property listings and lists more than 150,000 properties abroad.

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