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Bulgarian dreams shattered by Swansea property company

The investors’ dream was to own holiday apartments in a quiet corner of Bulgaria, and the company which promised to fulfil those dreams was based in Mumbles.

The owners of the company are local businessman Nigel Hole and former Swansea and Wales international rugby player Andy Moore – Andy Moore is the former second-row forward for Swansea and Wales, not Andy Moore, the former scrum half who played for Cardiff and Wales.

But, after investing in property sold by Britannia Overseas Property, many of the customers have nothing to show for their investment and are now demanding answers.

Taro Naw spokn to dozens of customers, who have invested a total of nearly half a million pounds in property marketed and sold by Britannia Overseas Property in Bulgaria. Over two years later, they are still waiting for the apartments to be completed.

One customer who invested with Britannia Overseas Property in the Woodlands Spring development, in the town of Bansko in Bulgaria, is Rob Morgan, from Swansea. Together with his brother and a friend, they invested £45,000. But, two years after paying the money, they’ve yet to take possession of their completed apartment.

Speaking to Taro Naw, Rob Morgan said: "My message is that it’s time for them to take responsibility for what’s happened instead of putting the blame on other parties. It’s their fault and I want them to stand up to their responsibility because we invested with Britannia and it’s up to them to make sure that we get something back from the money we put in."

Katrina Williams, from Caerphilly, invested £25,000 in the Woodlands Spring development.

"Looking back at things now, we’re really disappointed with Britannia – we had faith in the company, a Welsh company, a company for the people of Wales, and now we’re very disappointed."

Taro Naw attempted to contact Nigel Hole and Andy Moore on several occasions but they did not reply to complaints raised by customers of Britannia Overseas Property.

In a written statement to the programme, Andy Moore said that the Woodlands Spring development was the sole responsibility of Nigel Hole, and that he had no involvement in the development of Woodlands Spring. He added that the responsibility of Britannia Overseas Property was in marketing, selling and advertising the properties.

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20 thoughts on “Bulgarian dreams shattered by Swansea property company

  1. leigh atkins says:

    i have bought a property in sunny beach bulgaria called victoria villas in 2006 and have paid £35,000 i was told the property project will be completed in 2008 they built 1 block and then building work stopped and have not progressed scince they kept making excuses like no electric, cannot build in summer months, no water and now i cannot get in contact with anybody at all phone numbers are disused and their web site have not been updated for years when i email them they do not reply i still owe £20,000 on completion but i am very worried please can you help me in any way, thank you

  2. mr and mrs davies,oxford says:

    We to,thought we had brought an apartment4yrs ago ,still no contact.Still we owe final payments,do we cut our loses or are we liable?

  3. Alan Walker says:

    As Nigel states, I`m in the same position with Victoria Villas, I also have paid a Deposit 3 years ago,however again no comunication from the developers on any progress. If you take legal Action it will need to go through the Bulgarian Courts. probably a waste of time also.

  4. mr and mrs davies,oxford says:

    Loads of sites still trying to sell Victoria Villas, so there still HOPE.They haven,t given up. They just don,t contact anyone anymore . Which was one of thethings they were good at. and when we had,t to pull l out of one of the two aparrtments we brought 3yrs ago ,they DID return the £30,000 in 2months. I did have 100% trust now ?

  5. mr and mrs davies says:

    Have any of you recevied email about victoria ,villas just read mine they gave us something to think about.is it better than nothing?

  6. Graham Livingstone says:

    Mr and Mrs Davis if you dont mind sharing what have you been offered we have invested £25,000 and are feeling really worried and rather silly!

  7. mr and mrs davies says:

    They are thinking of joining with a complex all completed in same area(?) .They asked if were willing to except one of these apartments,instead of one on victoria,i emailed backwith better later than never, said we were intersted. Rather have something for our money than nothing. that was oct 10th.still checking emails not heard from them since . they said it was something they were working towards for everyone who had invested into victoria.still living in HOPE. Hopefully there are more of us out there to keep in thouch? Let each other know what may or maynot be happening or meet when we finaly get what we want.

  8. leigh says:

    bought appartment in victoria villas 4 years ago i have had no comunication for the last 2 years can any body update me on anything. is any body taking leagal action as i think it is about time something was done about this terrible situation. i have no contact details at all what do we do next.

  9. leigh says:

    still waiting for anybody with any information weather its about the progress or how to get in touch with any one from brittania we cannot give up but we must stick together

  10. mrs davies says:

    hi,leigh. Last i heard from nigel was oct 10th 2010 as i wrote before , try emailing http://www.bulgariaoffplanproperty.com they are advertising victoria villas it has got to have something to do with nigel . I even phoned them! it will only cost more money to take action,they haven,t stopped trying to sell .I can send you a copy of my last email oct 2010

  11. fed up of mr nigels excuses says:

    lets get together and do somthing about ths

  12. leigh says:

    i have received a e mail regarding buying on anothger complex but it seems like he is after the final payment how can we trust him after all he has millions of £s of our money already. Anybody got any sugestions.

  13. A Walker says:

    We need to take this guy to the Bulgarian Courts, He has 36k off my Money also, for the past 3 years.

  14. leigh says:

    is there anybody else who is willing to take this matter further, the more the better . we need to take leagal advise.

  15. jan and glyn says:

    we have been worrying for years about the situation, and are open to ideas of what action to take next.

  16. jan and glyn says:

    we agree with the previous comments by leigh that this matter should be taken further, please contact me at janglyn@ntlworld.com and we discuss the matter further and hopefully get some solution and be able to help each other out..
    look forward to hearing from you.
    thank you

  17. k stevens says:

    I bought no.17 apartment, Ice Pads Bansko, with a deposit and 3 instalments, totalling 22,000 Euros. in 2008. Along with Woodlands Spring investors, and Victoria, it seems no one has any contact since. Its nearly 3 yrs now. Despite paying a Bulgarian solicitor to do the Deeds, transaction, etc, I even had to pay a Uk Notary to check my identity, costing the earth. The bulgarian solicitor was recommended by Britop themselves, (I should have smelled a rat then) , have heard nothing from him either, with no replies to my email. I have no idea what to do next, I cant afford another solicitor. I asked Zarka (Nigel Hole’s PA) for a refund, as the Contract says we are liable for a refund if complexes are not completed, or interested on our money if not completed by the due dates. has anyone heard what has happened with Ice Pads? Also I see Worldwide property, is selling the apartments in Bansko, for £25,000, maybe even ones we have already bought!!

  18. Kathleen Kelly says:

    Myself and my husband bought an appartment in Victoria Villas well we paid a deposit of 30,000 Euros in 2008 and have very little contact since, we did receive one letter say would we be willing to change from our one bed app to a two app for the same money as the app block we had deposit down on would not be built yet but that was about a year and a half ago but received nothing since i have also talk to Zarka (Nigel Hole’s PA) but she keeps saying she knows nothing yet, if you find out anything more please send me an email kaytwo72@hotmail.com
    Kathleen & John Kelly Ireland

  19. Elaine Charnley says:

    Our two sons and brothers from another family invested £48,000 each on three apartments in Bansko a few years ago. Firstly, the plot on which the development was being built was not situated where the agency working for the developer said it was, but in some less attractive location and without the complex facilities attached to the original scheme being sold by the agents for the developer. The agents then moved to Cyprus and set up another agency there. Meanwhile, there followed long delays to the buildwork on the actual site which.apparently halted when the developer ran out of buyers for the other apartments. It could be that some of the apartments paid for by our sons and friends are now being offered to others. My elder son had a solicitor working on the matter with great difficulty all round. The developer was demanding the remaining £20,000 on each apartment, but it was considered too great a risk. Though they asserted the flats were finished, there was no electric or water to them, and other apartments were unfinished and no money to complete till they were sold. Now I am wondering if they are trying to resell the finished apartments.

    If any of you are interested in joining with me in writing to the Bulgarian Ambassador, to send in a petition from all parties who have invested in Bansko developments, who have similar experiences to ours, perhaps you will let me know.

  20. leigh says:

    i am willing to do anything to try to sort this mess out nigel hole is not going to get away with this

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