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Top 20 forgotten possessions left in your holiday home

Here’s a short selection of the weirdest and most wonderful items left behind….

1. Two foot long machete
2. Hormone replacement instruction leaflet
3. Dead snake
4. A “She-Wee”
5. A bible in the bedside table and religious leaflets stuffed in all the books and furniture
6. A book left by an American guest titled ‘Weird England’
7. A crucifix
8. Flip flops in the fridge
9. A room filled with pink balloons
10. The bride’s wedding dress!
11. A leather thong
12. A set of rubber ducks
13. False teeth
14. Four pairs of curtains
15. A pair of wet swimming trucks with sand found under the pillow they were sleeping on
16. A real live tortoise (he now lives on the roof)
17. Talking gingerbread man
18. Painted stones
19. A diamond
20. Fluffy handcuffs

And the one’s that home owners may wish were left every time…

1. 50 euro tip
2. 3 bottles of Champagne
3. A message and a tip in a bottle
4. An air-conditioning unit
5. An internet router
6. Box of chocolates
7. Cash
8. Mountain bike
9. A fridge full of food
10. An expensive camera

What unusual possession have you found in your holiday home? Let us know using the comment section below.