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Marsh & Parsons video blogs attract viewings

“Videos are viral, they are easy to share and with the accessibility of free sites like YouTube, they are a great way to share your messages with a wider audience,” he said.

 “The personal touch of a video blog establishes trust with both vendors and buyers, it has more impact than the written word and if done well it will not only draw web users to our site on a regular basis, it will also provide listeners the opportunity and confidence to respond, allowing us to learn more about our market .”

Specialist production company Real Property Tours is undertaking filming and editing duties, as well as formatting Marsh & Parsons’ videos to ensure fast, high-quality playback for all web users.

“The days of slow, stop-start streaming videos are coming to an end. Estate agents have often resisted using online video clips for this precise reason, but with more ways to access the web and ever-faster download speeds this is no longer a concern,” says Lee Helliar, managing director of Real Property Tours.

“More importantly, web users – and that means potential buyers and those looking for the right agent to market their property – are becoming more technology savvy. They are not just more receptive to online video, they are coming to expect it.”

Marsh & Parsons has also started using online videos to promote individual properties, with particular success in showcasing upmarket stock to the growing number of overseas buyers now taking an interest in the London market.

“Nothing will ever replace the need to actually view a property but video can definitely help entice potential buyers through the door or onto the phone – especially when it is executed professionally,” Mr Rollings added.

See Peter Rollings’ latest video blog at: marshandparsons.co.uk/about-us/market-comment/

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One thought on “Marsh & Parsons video blogs attract viewings

  1. The new video blogs are a great idea. Although early, it does seem to show how agents who embrace the the interent and incorporate it will, can reap some benefits.

    We have even featured the M&P Blogs on our new and fast growing social media site for estate and letting agents (www.ageants.co.uk, launched May28th 2009)

    We have asked some of of members and have had nothing but positive feedback so far regarding the blogs from Peter Rollings. I think you will soon see other agents getting more involved online.

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