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Does Apprentice star Philip give estate agents a bad name?

And as millions of viewers will testify, it was indeed pants. Man.

But not one to let a crap idea get in anyone’s way Philip bulldozed his Pantsman concept through the rest of his team’s objections – and sowed the seeds for catastrophe.

No doubt Philip was irked after they rejected his initial "has the cereal killer thing been done?" inquiry.

Er no, Phil. Wonder why.

Still presumably at least it stopped him creating a Freddy Krueger style character. How the kids would have loved that at breakfast time.

Needless to say Pantsman was a total disaster.

Phil even came up with a song which he sang himself – as obviously not even a professional singer could be as good as him.

"One take Phil, that’s what they call me!"

Among other things, Phil.

Needless to say it all ended in tears.

Defending himself in the boardroom the man most culpable for this monstrosity (that would be Phil then) said: "I’m just a bloke from Durham who sells houses with a big ego."

And who, incredibly, lived to make a fool of himself another day.

Phil makes good TV – but do his David Brentisms give already much-maligned estate agents a bad name or to use his own reasoning for last night’s cock-up is he just "working too hard"?

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