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No one likes them…. so why are Estate Agents here?!

Organised into bite size tips, the book’s opening chapter quickly cuts to the chase entitled No one likes us… so why are we here? Giving an indication of Pollock’s no nonsense and realistic approach to the property market. Covering moot points such as what really sells your home, cutting the emotional strings and asking the right questions to get honest answers, the book provides more than a glimpse into an estate agent’s psyche.

Home first, investment second

However, Pollock believes the first priority for buying a home should be whether or not it suits your lifestyle and feels like home, not how much profit you will make from it.

“The public can be forgiven for finding it hard to judge the property market. The myriad of house price indices published each month very often reporting contradictory price rises and falls are meaningless and ignore the long-term view. I can’t emphasise it enough – buy a home as a home first, and as an investment second.”

Spread the love – go multi agency

In his book, Pollock recommends appointing multiple agencies to sell your home. Competition, he believes, encourages each agent to work harder to sell your property, resulting in more exposure and increasing the chances of selling.

Pollock also somewhat controversially recommends changing agents after two months if a property has not sold, other than for any obvious reason and sacking solicitors whose service is proving to be tardy.

He adds: “Having worked in the property industry for 34 years, I’ve learnt a lot about this game. I have seen people make the same mistakes over and over again, so I’m hoping an insider’s knowledge will help buyers and sellers make the most of their estate agent.”

How to avoid stage fright

This tips-packed book, also offers advice on actually surviving the stressful business of buying or selling. Based on a negotiating course Pollock attended at Harvard University, he uses a balcony metaphor to describe his suggested self imposed state of detachment.

“Step back from the negotiating process as if you were an outside observer, imagine yourself looking down on the scene from a balcony for a clearer view of reality,” he suggests.

“For most people buying or selling property is the biggest financial decision they make in their life; I hope this book makes the process easier.”

Peter Knight, Estate Agency of the Year Awards, comments: “David Pollock gets my vote for being the most consistently innovative estate agent in the UK.”

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