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Third of Brits admit they would avoid living near a Council Estate

The study, which was commissioned in a bid to find out the reasons that would prevent a potential homebuyer from settling on a property, found that crime rates were the most important issue to homebuyers when considering location. 93% of people said that crime was the issue that concerned them the most when choosing a new home.

Other reasons that would prevent house hunters from settling on a property included the fact that somebody had died in the house and the proximity to a graveyard, issues that 42% and 39% of people said would be a deciding factor respectively.

Here is the top ten list of reasons that would prevent a homebuyer from settling on a house, by the percentage of respondents that admitted the issue would be a factor:

1.High crime rate 93%
2.Interior layout 91%
3.Lack of garden/small garden 87%
4.Close proximity to a main road 82%
5.Lack of good schools 79%
6.Close proximity to airport 78%
7.Close proximity to bars and pubs 54%
8.Known death in the house 42%
9.Close proximity to a graveyard 39%
10.Close proximity to council estate 31%

11% of people said they would only move to a house they felt a connection with.

Michelle Keene, Managing Director said,

"Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you will make, and rightly so, house hunters want the perfect location preferably one that isnt right next to a graveyard, according to these results!

"To find out that a third of people would avoid buying a house if it was near a council estate is definitely surprising, and a fact that we hadnt previously imagined would bother so many people. Its not for me or Hoopla Homes to judge these facts though our sole aim is to provide people with a cost effective way to sell their home with a view to finding their perfect abode!"

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