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Estate Agent to co-host Move to the Country Show

London estate agency Douglas & Gordon will be co-hosting the annual ‘Move to the Country Show’ at the Battersea Arts Centre on the 27th March.

32 country estate agents will be giving hands-on advice to buyers thinking of moving from London to the country. The show is for those who are curious about moving out of London, investing in property in the country or simply looking for a different lifestyle.

The last two years have seen a significant growth in the difference between London and countryside prices. London property is approximately 25% above the 2007 peak, while the country is 10% below. This has seen increasing numbers of Londoners opting to move to the country. However, recent trends have also seen more and more homeowners choosing to rent out their London homes when moving out, rather than selling them. This comes from the growing fear of being priced out of the market. Douglas & Gordon staff will be on hand at the show to answer questions from visitors about selling or letting their London home.

The Move to the Country Show will have something for everyone. A large choice of properties will be on available to look at, from small cottages to country estates. The event will be a proper country affair, with racing pigs and face painting to entertain the whole family.  Admission is free, and anyone is welcome.

George Franks, Sales Director at Douglas & Gordon, comments: “The Move to the Country Show is an unusual opportunity to meet local country estate agents, rather than national chains, who have often been in their counties for many years and therefore have unparalleled knowledge of the areas they represent. To have the ability to talk, face to face, to all these agents from all over the country in one room, over the course of an afternoon, will be an enormous benefit to most people thinking about that exciting move out of town. Douglas and Gordon will also be there to discuss the London end of things, be it selling or renting.”

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