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Brits willing to pay to make Britain a green and pleasant land

Nationwide Building Society is creating woodlands across the UK and new research reveals how important the environment is to the British public, with almost a third (29%) of Brits considering themselves to be very environmentally friendly.

In fact, half of Brits stated they would pay more for products that were environmentally sustainable and almost two thirds (62%) said they would pay up to 10% more. Continue reading

Time to end bin blight

New ways of tackling the scourge of ‘bin blight, that affects thousands of homeowners across the UK must be found, according to a new report by the NHBC Foundation.

As the UK increases its recycling of domestic waste, there has been a growth in the numbers of bins and recycling containers. These are often highly visible and scattered across neighbourhoods – creating an eyesore and posing a hazard to residents. Continue reading

Cutting the cost of keeping warm to tackle fuel poverty

Future governments will be required by law to help fight fuel poverty by making the coldest, leakiest homes in England more energy efficient. Tackling this problem is a priority for government.

Since 2010 the number of households in fuel poverty has fallen every year, thanks to government energy efficiency schemes and the Warm Home Discount. However, the problem could rise again unless action is taken to tackle it. Continue reading

Minister sets record straight on street parties

An interactive guide to organising community events, published by the Cabinet Office, will dispel a raft of inaccurate myths leading, it is hoped, to a surge in community events over the coming year.

Despite the success of community-led events around the Olympics and Jubilee, research by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills found that existing guidance lacked clarity and focused too much on what organisers could not do when organising charity fund-raisers, street parties or school fetes. Continue reading