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Councils respond to Government losing solar panel appeal

"It is imperative that Government now acts swiftly to try and resolve the uncertainty by setting out a workable and fair way to promote renewable energy and make solar panels affordable.

"By announcing cuts to subsidies at such short notice, the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) caused the cancellation of thousands of solar panel installations.

"Some councils were left with little choice but to let down thousands of tenants while writing off millions of pounds which had been spent preparing and tendering for solar panel installations which would never see the light of day.

"This has also caused damage to local economies with renewable energy firms shedding hundreds of jobs as a result of contracts falling by the wayside.

"As solar panels become cheaper, it is right that the rate of Feed-in-Tariff should be reduced accordingly. However, current proposals would mean social housing tenants receive a lower rate of subsidy than people who rent privately or own their own homes.

"Families in council and housing association homes pay, through their electricity bills, for subsidised installation of solar panels and it is only right they get the same fair deal as everyone else.

"We would urge the Government to go back to the drawing board and ensure that its reform of Feed-in Tariffs does not price the most vulnerable in society out of solar energy."

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