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Builders – Cut waste costs by 40%

The free guide – available online at www.envirowise.gov.uk/EN922 – outlines a step-by-step review process which can help businesses identify the main causes of waste around their site and save as much as 40% on waste disposal costs.

Savings can be achieved by making simple low-cost or no-cost changes such as segregating waste at source. For example, reducing waste by 20% can cut a businesses waste disposal costs by 40% and waste to landfill by 60%. With annual landfill tax rises recently confirmed until 2013, there is clearly an imperative for businesses to take action.

Envirowise Construction Specialist, Chris Hodgson, said: "The Federation of Master Builder’s latest State of Trade survey shows that economic conditions for small builders in the UK continue to be very challenging2. However, reducing waste costs is a straightforward, effective way to help improve the bottom-line and this new guide demonstrates how to secure significant cost savings with little or no up front investment required.

"Running a resource efficient business can also help builders to better manage their potential liabilities, reducing their exposure to costly fines from improper waste management processes, as well as ensuring they are well placed to make the most of the recovery when it comes."

For more general advice regarding resource efficiency in construction builders can visit ww.envirowise.gov.uk/construction or call the Envirowise Advice Line on 0800 585 794

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