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Environment Agency completes Hessle flood wall

The Environment Agency is currently looking at a long-term plan to manage flooding in the area but officers from the Operations Delivery team found a way that could help residents in the interim which could they could design, build and fund from their own budget.

Environment Agency engineer Angie McKinney said: “When the drain overtopped in June 2007, it caused a lot of damage because the land is flat and the flood water can spread over a wide area. We looked at the situation and found that we could do something quite simply and quickly which could help around 20 properties.

“The wall isn’t a permanent solution but it will help to manage flooding in the area until an option that looks at the wider implications can be considered.”

The structure includes 70 metres of concrete flood wall and 50 metres of embankment and cost around £30,000. It runs to the rear of houses on Hull Road and took eight weeks for the team to build.

The Environment Agency is looking at a wider strategy to manage the risk of flooding from the River Hull, and this takes into account Fleet Drain, Western Drain and Acre Heads Drain.

Because the strategy looks at everything that could affect flooding, options for specific locations could take several years to develop, and a formal flood defence scheme can cost millions of pounds.

Angie said: “We carried out a detailed assessment of the drain to ensure that no other properties were put at risk as a result of our work. Residents are delighted with the new defence, and we are glad to have been able to help.”

The Operations Delivery team is the Environment Agency’s maintenance and construction workforce. The work is extremely varied and ranges from clearing debris from river banks to building and looking after the region’s flood defences.

The team is out every day, maintaining and improving Environment Agency structures and ensuring that they are fit for purpose. And when the worst happens, they are also in the front line of our incident response teams.

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