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Green investment opportunities in Costa Rica

"Costa Rica is the country that practically invented eco-tourism and they plan to be the world’s first Carbon Neutral nation by 2021," said Judy Ferguson of Costa Rica Invest.

"Our investors can buy plots of land, zoned for development, planted with 10/14-year-old teak.

"The plantation growth of teak will help to reduce jungle logging and the future development of the land will help support the economy of Costa Rica – the world’s most eco-friendly country.

"More importantly our investors will make a great return.”

Costa Rica Invest said it specialised in eco-friendly, ethical, high-yield investments.

All projects are based in the best locations in Costa Rica, consisting of plots of development land with an environmentally-friendly angle.

Current development in "Di Pacifico Dos" combines a teak commodity investment traded in US dollars on plots of land zoned for development.

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