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Property industry welcomes power shift to local communities

Under the proposals, a planning application would only be judged against the principles set out in the NPPF in the absence of an adopted core strategy, giving local authorities a strong incentive to plan positively to meet the needs and aspirations of their area while paying full regard to the principles of sustainability. Currently almost 70% of local authorities do not have an adopted core strategy, seven years on from the legislation instructing them to do so.

Liz Peace, Chief Executive of the British Property Federation, said: "The extra powers that will be given to communities are welcome, but with power comes responsibility. Although resources are stretched, preparing and maintaining an up-to-date core strategy should be seen as one of the most important functions of any local authority. For whatever reason most local authorities haven’t produced a strategy. At the very least the NPPF should incentivise them to prepare one."

In its response the BPF again reiterated its support for the changes, believing they should lead to a framework which will be clear and succinct, help to create urgently needed jobs and homes and take into account the principles of sustainability.

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