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Private rented homes should be ‘warm and healthy’

"With almost 12 million people expected to be living in fuel poverty when the latest round of price rises hits, tackling this problem is a major issue. Private rented housing is among the coldest and most likely to leak heat – meaning bigger bills and a greater risk to renters’ health.

"Bringing this requirement into law would save private renters almost £500 a year on average off their energy bill and cut carbon emissions by almost 200 million tonnes a year. Current legislation isn’t enough to make this happen, so we need the UK Government to act to help the many vulnerable households affected."

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0 thoughts on “Private rented homes should be ‘warm and healthy’

  1. Philip says:

    I wonder how those in fuel poverty would react to the increase in rent required to cover the cost of refurbishing their property to make it ‘warm and healthy’. What is wrong with the legislation already in place to safeguard tenants, other than the authorities involved never checking them and taking action. Not to mention the listed, period properties that would never reach the required minimum.

  2. Neil says:

    The most vulnersable are already catered for….DSS…retired…plus list of other eligible already get free heating and insulation grants. Perhaps Government should start giving these free 100% grants to the Landlords and save themselves the increased cost of Housing Benefits etc. Surely in the long run it would be more cost effective.