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Millions of UK householders to get new tenants this month

The RSPB IS getting an increasing number of calls from concerned householders as the breeding season gets underway, as they hear noises in their lofts and attics and worry that birds are trapped.

The main culprits are house sparrows and starlings as they are usually nest in holes.

Experts are reassuring callers that in most cases, the birds will simply be building their nests in small spaces within roofs and wall cavities, and they are not trapped and unable to get out.

They are also keen to point out that there is very little risk of potential damage, and suggesting that if you do have nesting birds, to check the site in the autumn to make sure that there is no rotten wood or a hole large enough to let in rain.

If you want to attract more birds, or help those already nesting in your house and garden, the RSPB suggest putting up nestboxes on trees and fences, out of direct sunlight and easy reach for predators.

They’re also urging people to be careful of nesting birds when gardening.

Birds are naturally secretive and tend to build their nests in hidden places for safety. Keep your eyes peeled when cutting or pruning hedges or shrubs, or better still, leave garden tidying until a bit later in the year.

If a nest is discovered, try to restore any covering and give it a wide berth until the young have flown.

March and April are some of the busiest months for both birds and gardeners, as the weather gradually improves and daylight hours increase.

Val Osborne, RSPB Head of Wildlife Enquiries says: ‘We are receiving no end of calls from people hearing strange noises from their roofs and lofts and worrying that birds are trapped.

‘Chances are, they’ve found a safe and secure nook or cranny to build their nests so please try to avoid the temptation to investigate and risk disturbing them.

‘The same applies to birds nesting in gardens – they will try to hide their nests away in shrubs, trees ands bushes and you may unwittingly nudge them while gardening.

‘Please be careful and if possible leave your pruning until a bit later in the year. If you do think you’ve got nesting birds in your garden, make sure you avoid that area.”

All birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law and the penalties for deliberately destroying active nests are now quite severe.

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  1. Gazz says:

    Good information thanks. Make the most of the birds short visit to your home if your lucky you may get house martins, swallows or a blue/great/longtailled tit. These are colourful and interesting birds to watch while you have the chance for a close up encounter.
    If you do want to deter the birds putting up nest boxes will help as suggested.