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Government Energy Bill will leave millions out in the cold

And it will not protect tenants dependent on the goodwill of landlords to invest in measures such as double glazing or people with hard-to-treat homes needing more than standard insulation procedures.

Friends of the Earth believes the Government’s current Green Deal is inadequate and the Energy Security and Green Economy Bill as a whole stops well short of what is needed to cut climate-changing carbon emissions as quickly as the science says we must.

To make sure the UK gets this urgent green overhaul, the environmental charity is calling for the Energy Bill to deliver a strategy for eliminating fuel poverty and cutting emissions from houses by 42 per cent this decade, as well as ensuring every community does its bit to slash CO2.

As 80 per cent of carbon emissions come from local activity – things like how we power our homes and get around – locally coordinated schemes to cut CO2 are essential. Friends of the Earth believes introducing a nationwide system of local carbon budgets in the Bill is the fairest and most cost-effective way to ensure this happens.
Friends of the Earth’s senior climate change campaigner Tony Bosworth said:

"The Government’s ‘Green Deal’ will leave many people out in the cold – and will not cut carbon emissions as quickly as scientists say we must to avoid dangerous climate change.

 "The self-styled ‘greenest Government ever’ must ensure the Energy Bill goes further, with a plan for a nationwide refit to slash emissions from British homes by 42 per cent this decade – starting with a minimum energy efficiency standard for homes rented through a private landlord or letting agency.

"Ministers must also help communities across the country tackle climate change by introducing new carbon budgets for each local council area to cut emissions. 

"A strong Energy Bill would bring about warmer homes, cheaper fuel bills, tens of thousands of new jobs and better public transport – the Government must not miss this chance to set us on course to a cleaner and greener future."

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