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CLG: Go online to go green

These can range from low-energy lighting, which can cost as little as £2.50 for new bulbs, to larger measures such as installing wind turbines and solar panels.

Consumers will also be able to see the savings they can make on their fuel bills, as well as the improvement they can make to the rating on their Energy Performance Certificate.

The Minister said:

"More carbon emissions come from our homes than from our cars, so it is vital that we all play our part in reducing emissions from the built environment.

"But despite receiving an Energy Performance Certificate, new owners landlords and tenants often don’t know where to begin to make the necessary changes to ‘green up’ their home.

"The EPC Adviser tool published today changes that. It gives valuable information on the things people can do – from using low-energy light bulbs and getting the loft insulated, to installing solar panels and wind turbines.

"Those using this new online support will also be able to see the potential savings these measures can make to their energy bills, meaning they can save money as well as saving carbon. I would urge everyone with an EPC to go online and see what they can do to make their homes greener and cheaper to run."

The EPC Adviser forms part of a wide range of measures the Government is taking to help reduce energy emissions from homes. The Green Deal will be a new and radical way of making energy efficiency affordable for all, whether people own or rent their property. The upfront finance will be attached to the building’s energy meter. People can pay back over time with the repayments less than the savings on bills, meaning many can benefit from day one. It will help save carbon, energy and money off fuel bills. Legislation to put the Green Deal on a statutory footing will be introduced shortly.

In future, it is planned that the EPC Adviser will link directly to Green Deal providers and enable consumers to quickly and easily arrange for money saving improvements to be made to their home at no upfront cost .

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0 thoughts on “CLG: Go online to go green

  1. Sam Price says:

    The Green Deal…. what a great idea. Being an EPC assessor myself, the hardest part is detailing the reccommendations to my clients and providing advice on ways in which they can improve their homes efficiency. The first response, each and every time… “How much will it cost” – hopefully, with clever initiatives like the Green Deal, my responses may soon turn in to “How much Energy will I save”.

    It doesnt have to be the big, expensive changes every time though. As stated in the above, just changing your standard tungsten light bulbs for low-e fittings can save you a lot of money in the long term and help the environment. I dont understand why people would think twice?