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250,000 London flats to benefit from £1.35m recycling fund

Flats and high rise properties account for around 50 per cent of all housing in London and recycling in these households is lower than other dwellings, currently standing at around 10 per cent. The funding will be spent on nine projects across 12 London boroughs who have successfully bid for money. Improvements will include: better signage, reusable bags to help residents carry down recycling to bins on ground level; installing better, more accessible bins; mini-recycling banks on floors; more frequent collections; and recycling bins in kitchens.

The boroughs that have been awarded funding, are: Havering (in partnership with Barking & Dagenham, Newham, and Redbridge), Waltham Forest, Croydon, Hillingdon, Lambeth, Hammersmith & Fulham, Camden, Westminster and Hackney.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has identified improvements to flats recycling services as a key priority in his draft waste municipal strategy. This £1.35 million is the first distribution round of a £5 million pot of available funds for similar projects from LWARB. Efficiency savings from the joint procurement of equipment and facilities from this first round of funds is expected to save up to £100,000.

The Mayor Boris Johnson said: "This funding is great news as it will provide practical, common sense ways to make recycling easier for people in London. We hope that these initial projects will help identify the best solutions for buildings of this type."

James Cleverly, Chair of the London Waste and Recycling Board said: "We’ve had a great response from Boroughs in round one, funding nine schemes ranging from site improvements to existing facilities through to entirely new schemes.

"The projects will collectively divert 41,000 tonnes of recycling from landfill over four years, and save almost 44,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. We are now looking forward to receiving some interesting bids for round two."

More details on each project to be funded:

– London Boroughs of Havering, Barking & Dagenham, Newham, and Redbridge (joint proposal with East London Waste Authority – ELWA)

LWARB will provide funding for improvements to existing flats recycling services within ELWA, including updating signage and providing reusable recycling bags to residents to carry their recycling down to onsite facilities. Funding will also go towards setting up a new flats recycling service in Newham. The total number of households to receive improvements as a result of LWARB funding is 74,310.

– London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

All of the boroughs 23,300 high-rise properties will undergo improvements to recycling services including chute conversion, updating signage, fixed mini banks on each floor on selected estates, supplying residents with reusable bags and the installation of new recycling banks.

– London Borough of Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest have received funding from the programme to increase recycling from multi-occupancy properties by installing dual bins for refuse and recycling into the kitchens of 1,045 flats, as well as providing reusable bags to almost 12,000 households.

– London Borough of Hillingdon

Hillingdon will make improvements to existing recycling services for over 12,000 households, working in partnership with Hillingdon Homes and other registered social landlords. These improvements include; relocating existing bins and installing new ones to visible, convenient locations within estate boundaries, signage improvements and increasing the collection frequency.

– London Borough of Croydon

Croydon will use the funding to supply 26,000 flats with a reusable bag to store and carry recycling to onsite facilities, increasing the amount of recycling collected from these dwellings.

– London Borough of Hackney

Hackney will supply 50,000 households in flatted properties with a reusable bag to transport recyclables down to existing on site recycling facilities. Along with reusable bags, the funding will be used to add signage to 105 key communal recycling facilities.

– London Borough of Lambeth

Lambeth will supply 18,500 properties with reusable bags, using funding from the programme to increase tonnages collected from existing services.

– London Borough of Camden

Camden will provide reusable bags to residents in 30,000 high-rise properties to store and carry recycling to banks on their estate.

– City of Westminster

Westminster City Council will use the funding to make improvements to signage at ten estates with low recycling rates. These improvements, covering 4,180 households, include clear signposting to recycling facilities and the installation of new signs displaying recycling information, including the types of materials accepted at the site

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  1. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has identified improvements to flats recycling services as a key priority in his draft waste municipal strategy.

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