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NBT unveils range of PassivHaus solutions at Ecobuild

A PassivHaus is a building in which thermal comfort is guaranteed without the need for any heating system except that of heat recovery through the ventilation unit. The designed amount of energy used for heating per m2 is less than 10% of that used by homes within the existing building stock in the UK.

This performance is achieved by limiting the heat loss through the fabric, and through maximising passive gains from the sun and from ordinary human activities. If built correctly, the buildings are robust, healthy and cost-effective.

To achieve a PassivHaus, strict design guidelines must be met. NBT Consult, the support and consultancy service which works alongside NBT, can offer help in achieving these guidelines, which include attaining high levels of insulation and air tightness, minimal levels of thermal bridging and compact design. This performance is modelled using the PassivHaus Planning Programme.

Specifically, NBT, working alongside NBT Consult, can provide full technical design and site support; full component advice and supply; healthy, non-polluting, ecological materials; advice on services including water usage and renewable technologies; and overall project management support, including testing on-site.

The first example of an NBT PassivHaus is being unveiled at Ecobuild.

Neil May, Managing Director of NBT and NBT Consult, said: "PassivHaus principles provide excellent buildings with very low energy use over their lifetime. The challenge is to deliver the principles in reality. NBT is uniquely set up to deliver PassivHaus buildings because of its extensive knowledge of low impact buildings, its integrated supply chain and its complete service of design support, training and site support. In addition, NBT PassivHaus buildings have the additional benefits of being made from healthy natural materials with very low or even positive environmental impact."

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