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Green demand drives Chamois eco-kitchens growth

All will be made from recycled materials and Chamois said it intended to take on new staff to help meet demand.

The highly innovative and dynamic business delivers kitchens with every feature that a developer or a householder could possibly want, but also something that no other kitchen supplier can truly match – the assurance of environmental sustainability.

In dramatic contrast to a typical UK kitchen – which will claim nine living trees in its construction, Chamois prevents discarded and waste wood from being sent to landfill sites.

The European Ecological Panel Consortium, to which Chamois belongs, transforms more than 1.3 million tons of scrap wood each year into panels that can be used and recycled and used again. The whole Chamois production process is socially and environmentally conscious: the company has positive policies on workplace diversity and inclusiveness, commits to plant trees in the Chamois forest, and even heats its facilities with scrap materials.

Chamois kitchens pass every test of quality, finish and durability, giving no visual clue to their origins in recycled wood and wood products. What’s more, the business has a long track record, with more than 28 years’ experience of household kitchens.

Chamois has supplied the leading eco-developments in Britain, including the award-winning Summerfield Eco-village, and partners with the best eco-friendly suppliers too, such as GlassEco, whose unique worktops, made from recycled televisions and car windscreens, match traditional granite in appearance and practicality.

Chamois believes that in any objective test, on any criteria, its environmentally-friendly products will beat other kitchen suppliers like for like – and give green credibility to both new and refurbished property developments.

Hitesh Champaneri, Development Manager for Bournville Village Trust said: "Chamois will help us to upgrade or new-build more than 160 properties this year, while remaining true to our strong environmental and social ethos. Our residents appreciate the quality of the finished product and we appreciate the on-time delivery and installation package."

Chamois Managing Director Andrew Jones-Dutt said: "Our philosophy is simple: help our customers and help the planet. We’re proving that it is possible to do both and be a successful business at the same time."

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