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MEP hails green energy homes investment

Speaking from Strasbourg Smith said: 

"There’s no politician going to complain about money coming to their constituency, but this really is good news and will allow us to kick on green technologies where they really matter, in the homes of our citizens. 

"Too many EU funded projects have not quite achieved the objectives set for them, but many of the European Investment Bank projects have been particularly useful in matching a degree of private sector expertise with the public policy priorities, and this project is genuinely groundbreaking. 

"Scotland is well known already as Europe’s potential green powerhouse, but in public policy terms much of the bang for buck we can achieve short term is in kicking on energy efficiency, better insulation and better building standards.  Too many Scottish homes are poorly insulated, meaning our people are hit with a double whammy of high fuel costs and high carbon emissions. "

"This money will go towards ensuring that higher standards are met, as well as integrating transport and social housing.  There is nothing here to dislike."

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