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England team ‘veg-heads’ kick off competition

For creative types harvesting veg with unique characteristics, there is a ‘celebrity look-alike category’; and the competition has kicked off with a specially commissioned sculpture of the England team.

Spokesperson Jenny Sansom said:

‘It’s a crying shame that England are out of the world cup – so we hope we’ll be able to bring a smile back to people’s faces with the veg heads competition. We want everyone to get creative and have fun with their home-grown produce.’

‘Anyone who grows veg at home will inevitably at some point have a gnarly, quirky or oversized vegetable that makes them smile, and may even remind them of someone, and we wanted to find a way of sharing such finds. We hope to inspire people over the summer to open their minds to create characterful veg that can be captured on camera for all to see.’

The closing date for entries is 30 September 2010.  Winners of the adult competition will receive a years supply of fruit and veg from Riverford Organic, while the winner of the under 16s will receive a children’s kit for growing fruit and veg and a wormery.

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