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Boris is halfway to leafy capital landmark

The Mayor wants to encourage people living in 40 priority areas across London who would like trees outside their house, to register their interest online by 14 July at www.london.gov.uk/streettrees. You can also check if your area is a priority area on the website. This will then be passed on to borough councils who, as a requirement for street tree funding applications, will be asked where practicable to plant their allocation of trees in areas where residents most want them. It is expected that 100-400 street trees will be planted in chosen locations across every priority area by March 2012, so by registering online, residents will increase the chances of their streets getting some welcome greenery.

The website was used for the first time last year and it helped inform the boroughs which streets were most in need of foliage. This year 16 of the priority areas have been increased in response to the boroughs highlighting technical obstacles to planting their allocation of trees in the areas originally identified, such as underground cables.  

Boris Johnson said: ‘I am proud that we are halfway to our tree nirvana of 10,000 more trees by 2012. These street trees are now sprouting up across the capital making our skyline greener, air sweeter and laying down their roots in this great city.’ 

Local councils, housing associations and community groups are encouraged by the Mayor to bid for funding so that at least 3500 trees are planted this year.

Detailed guidance on how to bid for funding – which is a separate process to registering interest in having a tree – from the Mayor’s tree programme is available from www.ltwgs.org. Organisations applying for grants will be encouraged to involve local people in planting, tending and looking after the street trees.

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