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Energy efficiency doesn’t mean cutting back on luxury

Eco-friendly features such as energy efficient kitchen appliances and showers that save on water usage can go a long way towards improving the overall value of a property in the long term and save you money. Not only this but gone are the days that you would have to sacrifice style and practicality for eco-friendly choices.

Home owners can ask for the help of a professional tradesman who can conduct an energy audit to indentify where inefficiencies lie. If you find that you’re house is too draughty, for example you can buy rugs, mats and door protectors which can offer the ultimate in luxury.

Other simple measures which can help home owners achieve the desired atmosphere include buying energy efficient light bulbs, to create the right mood.

Andrew Skipwith, Founder and CEO of Ratedpeople.com, said: It’s important to realise that you can still get the look you want by taking the eco-friendly route in home improvement. Sites such as Ratedpeople.com offer people access to a wealth of advice, tips and guides on how they can save money and fuel by adopting greener methods

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