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Bat houses help nocturnal neighbours hang around!

These nocturnal neighbours are now being relocated to two purpose-built ‘bat houses’ located in a comfortable corner of the tree-lined development. Now, even as new houses and apartments are built around them, they are assured of a safe place to call home for many years to come.

The relocation of the bats has been a painstaking process, with a specialist team of bat experts drafted in to help design the two bat houses – one for roosting and the other for raising young.

Prior to their old home being demolished – after they had left for their winter hibernation grounds – the animals’ droppings were collected and transferred to the bat houses to help them navigate their way to their plush new accommodation.

Marie-Claire Travis, for Taylor Wimpey, says: “We always take great care to make sure that existing wildlife populations are preserved at each and every one of our development sites.

“Thanks to our two specially designed ‘bat houses’, humans won’t be the only ones enjoying life at Hinchley Park – and the sight of these fascinating creatures leaving their roosts at dusk will no doubt provide a captivating spectacle for our residents.”

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