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Conservatives will scrap Lib-Lab plans for bin taxes

Caroline Spelman, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, said there is now "overwhelming evidence" that the Labour Party is planning to "hit family homes with bin taxes and new wave of bin cuts".

Labour Ministers have already changed the law to allow bin taxes to be imposed across the country without a vote in Parliament; Labour MPs have backed the taxes; and Labour’s fourth term local government manifesto has called for more bin cuts.

"If Gordon Brown can cling to power, his bin bullies will impose monthly rubbish collections and make life even harder for hard-working families", she said. "Liberal Democrats back Gordon Brown’s plans for bin taxes and monthly collections, despite the extra fly-tipping and backyard burning".

"We will scrap these Lib-Lab plans for bin taxes. Instead, we will reward families for recycling and going green, and will work with councils to bring back proper weekly rubbish collections".

"This is a clear choice at this election: Conservatives who will help bring back weekly collections, Labour who imposed fortnightly collections, or Liberal Democrats who are already forcing through monthly bin collections

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