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London designated a Low Carbon Economic Area

Business Minister, Ian Lucas, said “London will be a world-leading centre for energy efficient buildings, specialising in retrofitting activity. The variety of buildings across London means that there will be a wide range of highly exportable skills. This position of global leadership will help create wealth for London and the UK economy by providing market opportunities for businesses and inward investors, and jobs for Londoners.

“The opportunity to develop and demonstrate solutions for the refurbishment of homes and commercial buildings will help the construction sector to innovate in order to retain, as well as expand, its current market position.”

Initially, the programme will include a range of projects aligning nearly £90million funding already committed by the RDAs involved: the London Development Agency (LDA) will lead the LCEA programme, working in collaboration with the South East of England Development Agency (SEEDA) and the East of England Development Agency (EEDA). These include a range of retrofitting programmes for buildings to make them more energy efficient as well as projects on energy supply, financing mechanisms, employment and skills, and low carbon business growth with a retrofit focus.

London Development Agency Chief Executive Sir Peter Rogers said:

"The Mayor, Boris Johnson and London Development Agency is investing £23 million a year to deliver innovative, practical ways to drastically improve energy efficiency in line with our ambitious carbon cutting targets. We are pleased that our achievements are being recognised by London’s designation as a Low Carbon Economic Area. In the future, London’s financial muscle will provide the investments that turn these schemes into long-term commercial enterprises, with new businesses, new jobs and new skills.”

Neil Morgan, Lead Technologist for Low Impact Buildings at the Technology Strategy Board said:

“London accounts for a significant proportion of the UK social housing stock. As part of our national ‘Retrofit for the Future’ Programme, The Technology Strategy Board is investing over £3m in 22 London-based projects to create exemplar, low energy refurbished houses within this stock.

“The programme will demonstrate how UK business can contribute to a Low Carbon London and show how innovation focused on lowering carbon emissions can benefit London residents directly in terms of lower fuel bills and warm, comfortable houses.”

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