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Tory plan for greener homes ‘positive step’ – Master Builders

Brian Berry, Director of External Affairs at the FMB said: "If the UK is to have any hope of meeting its legal obligation to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 then it is imperative that Britain’s existing homes are made more energy efficient as currently they contribute 27% of the UK’s total carbon emissions.

"The Conservative proposal to enable householders the opportunity to get £6500 worth of energy-efficiency measures is certainly a welcome boost. However, if we are to create the step change that is needed to transform our homes then a more realistic figure would be in the order of £15,000. A cut in VAT for property refurbishment or a Council Tax rebate would offer the best help to householders because without a range of financial incentives most householders will be reluctant to incur the costs and hassle of upgrading their homes.

"There is also a need to improve the quality of information about the energy efficiency ratings of homes so that people can make informed choices when buying a property. Making the existing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) easier to understand would help as would ensuring they are available at the time of sale."

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