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All UK homes to have smart meters by end of 2020

Lord Hunt said: "A global climate deal in Copenhagen needs all countries to make the most ambitious commitments possible, but it will also require all of us to change how we lead our lives and how we generate our energy.

"Smart meters will put the power in people’s hands, enabling us all to control how much energy we use, cut emissions and cut bills.

"Smart grids will help manage the massive shift to low carbon electricity such as wind, nuclear and clean fossil fuels.

"Globally the business of developing smart grids has been estimated at £27billion over the next five years and the UK has the know-how to be part of that."

The Government’s response to the smart meter consultation sets out how smart meters will be rolled out across Britain by the end of 2020. This includes:

* Making energy suppliers responsible for installing smart meters in their customers’ homes;
* Supplying a standalone display device with meters to make it easy for consumers to see and understand their energy use and carbon emissions in real time;
* Centrally coordinating the communications between smart meters and the utility companies to ensure easy switching between suppliers, and to provide a platform for the development of smarter grids in the future.

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  1. Smart meters are an excellent idea – however, they do not “enable you to control how much energy you use” they simply tell you when and how much you are using – apparently we can each save £28 a year for a £350 investment – we can all switch off appliances without a smart meter – what we really need is intelligent building energy management systems to reduce our energy consumption