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Biodiversity becomes priority for eco-town development

"As part of this CLG/TCPA guidance, enhancing biodiversity through development becomes a key priority, as does protecting and promoting existing habitats. In the build up to the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change Conference it’s right to focus on how low carbon communities can also support rich and developing levels of biodiversity."

The Eco-towns Biodiversity worksheet, "Biodiversity positive: eco-towns biodiversity worksheet", whose lead author is David Knight at Natural England, provides guidance in support of the Planning Policy Statement (PPS) on Eco-towns (CLG, 2009), identifying the essential steps required to ensure that their design, development and long-term management result in a sustained positive outcome for biodiversity.

The principle objectives for an Eco-town Biodiversity Strategy are as follows:

* Protecting and enhancing the best of existing biodiversity;
* Mitigating the impact of development and securing net biodiversity gain;
* Integrating biodiversity with the built environment;
* Increasing biodiversity’s resilience and ability to adapt to climate change;

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